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I created Best Geek Blog Ever simply as an outlet for my geeky mind.  I tend talk about geeky stuff on a minute by minute basis so I decided why not create a blog with like minded individuals to express  themselves in similar way.  I used to run a film specific website but wanted to branch out into other geek mediums like Video Games, Tv and Comic Books. Best Geek Blog Ever was born.  Along for the ride were a few of my fellow geeks from the old site to fulfill their need to discuss what geeks them out with other geeks.  There are a lot of places you can go to get your geek fill, hell I go there too, so we appreciate you visiting us.  We try to bring our readers truly original content on a regular basis.  We aren’t a news site, there are a million of those already in existence.  What BGBE attempts to do is create new content from very talented individuals about things we all love.  From film reviews to personal essays on topics like Comics and Video Games, we aim to bring you something different and unique.  Best Geek Blog Ever is home to the popular film columns; “Movies Juan Thinks You Should See (MJTYSS)” and “Sunday Shorts”.  BGBE is also home to The Film Geeks Podcast.  Thanks for visiting and feel free to contact us about anything that geeks you out.

-Ezequiel Gutierrez


Ezequiel Gutierrez – @ezgoo
Editor in Chief/Co-Founder/Head Writer

Brenden Toda – @opt1mus_code101

Juan Valenzuela – @juanval2012
Head Author – Movies Juan Thinks You Should See(MJTYSS)

Daniel Escobar – @DannyEsc0bar
Contributing Writer

 Matt Duncan
Contributing Writer – Duncan’s Reel Deal


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