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“Life Itself” Reveals Roger’s Third Act – Film Review

An unflinching look at struggles and triumphs.

LAFF2014 – “The Life and Mind of Mark DeFriest” – Film Review

An amazing story made better by this film

LAFF2014 – “Starred Up” Keeps Focus On Strong Performances – Film Review

Compelling family drama behind bars.

LAFF2014 – “10 Minutes” Explores Universal Struggle Of Working Class – Film Review

A young Korean director’s take on office politics.

“Edge of Tomorrow” Is Cruise’s Best Since Minority Report – Film Review

A different take on Cruise’s persona.

“Neighbors” Just Squeaks By On The Laughs – Film Review

Sex, drugs, and a really cute baby.

‘The Raid 2′ Requires Some Patience, But is Still A Rush – Film Review

Delivers the goods for fans of the genre.

Fargo On FX Is Darn Good So Far – TV Review

Hell comes to small town America.

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