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Fargo On FX Is Darn Good So Far – TV Review

Hell comes to small town America.

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“The Grand Budapest Hotel” Is A Treat For The Heart As Well As The Eyes – Film Review

Just enough cake, and the frosting is perfect.

‘Stuart Saves His Family’ Is A Harold Ramis Gem – Film Review

He found laughs in some unlikely places.

“The Wolf of Wall Street” is Another Triumph for Scorsese – Film Review

Marty brings great satire to his body of work.

“American Hustle” Is An Intense Ride – Film Review

“Inside Llewyn Davis” Explores an Artist Left Behind – Film Review

One of the most memorable lead characters in a Coens film.

“Philomena” is More Than a Standard Melodrama – Film Review

A well done human interest story.

AFI Fest 2013: “Her” Is as Emotional as it is Original – Film Review

Jonze delivers a love story that’s both quirky and moving.

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