DC Comics Gets a New Logo – Thoughts?

January 18th, 2012  |  Published in Comics/Books  |  1 Comment

There’s a lot going on over at DC HQ these past few months. We are deep in the mix of the New 52 comic launch, which we have covered ad nauseum. However, DC isn’t through re-branding itself completely.  Bleeding Cool has the first look at DC’s new logo.

Above is what I’m calling the “DC Peel”. DC Entertainment has filed a trademark for this initial logo and I gotta say, I’m torn.  Right now it’s in black and grey and there is no word on whether it’ll contain color in final iterations. I tend to think color should be incorporated into a company whose main focus is colored ink on page. But then again, smaller publishing houses like Dark Horse and Vertigo feature prominent black and white logos that work great..  I do like the simplicity of this design but I kind of feel like there is still something it’s trying to reveal.  Initially I thought it kind of looked like the pages of a comic book flipping back to unveil whats next on the page.  I think backlash will be pretty bad considering folks were just starting to come around on the last “star” logo.  I also really love the animated title card in front of DC film/tv projects.  I think it did a great job stepping up to the Marvel flip-book style title card.  No word on whether the “star” animation (below) is going away but I assume DC is hard at work getting ready to feature this new design in a baddass new animation folks will get to see in front of “The Dark Knight Rises”.  The design is very Batman right?  At least the color and simplicity resemble something from his world.

Batman aside, I’m curious what all my comic readers think? Fan or not so much? Also, below the video,  I have put the new logo on the newest cover of Batman so you can get a sense of what it might look like.  Again, this in no way is what it will look like but it definitely doesn’t seem to fit real well right?

DC Animated Title Card

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