Discovery Science Center’s ‘Indiana Jones & The Adventure of Archaeology’ Exhibit

September 13th, 2012  |  Published in Geek

Get ready movie geeks and science nerds because The Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana, California is following up their insanely cool Star Wars exhibit with an Indiana Jones one. That’s right, the awesome folks at ‘The Cube’ are once again merging the world of film and science for the greater good of mankind.  As you may remember last year’s ‘Star Wars: Where Scence Meets Imagination’ was a huge hit, not just with us geeks here at BGBE but with our readers and pretty much anyone that I talked to that had attended.  Here is our EPIC coverage of that paricular event to refresh your memory. STAR WARS

This one promises to have some of the same aesthetics of the previous exhibit but this time we are dealing with Indiana Jones.  Film geeks rejoice as you will  get to check out props, models and costumes from all 4 Indy films while science nerds get to enjoy ACTUAL historical artifacts from around the world.  I have attached a video giving you the jist of the traveling exhibit making it’s way So-Cal on October 12 with a few photos to boot, courtesy of the Science Center itself. Right after the video check out our Exclusive Interview with the Science Center’s Manager of Public & Community Relations, Dan Nasitka. He was gracious enough to answer our questions to give our readers a bit more context. 


Why does Indiana Jones and his background make for a great science exhibit?

-      The Indiana Jones films have inspired us all, audiences and scientists alike, with the adventures, stories and history of field archaeology. Who hasn’t wanted to put on the famous fedora, dawn a whip and set out into the unknown? Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology, presented by the National Geographic Society, brings all of that to life with a vast collection of Indiana Jones film props, models, concept art and set designs, along with real-world artifacts on loan from the Penn Museum. Hidden clues, great archaeological mysteries, impressive ancient remains – everyone will love this interactive and educational exhibition!

The Star Wars Exhibit was seriously “Out of This World”. Describe the Indiana Jones Exhibit in 5 words or less?

-      Blockbuster Exhibit of the Year.

Besides all the cool props and costumes, can people expect all the cool immersion and hands-on activities from this new exhibit as well?

-      Absolutely! There will be an entire section dedicated to hands-on learning, including stations on chairs and pulley rigs, focal points to teach guests about lights and lasers, as well as weight estimations. All of the hands-on activities tie in with different elements from the four films.

We know you’re a fellow geek so what are you looking forward to the most when the exhibit opens?

-      I’m really looking forward to viewing the iconic movie props such as the Holy Grail and Arc of the Covenant, as well as real artifacts found on location at Mission San Juan Capistrano! A big part of this exhibit is blending the fictional stories of Indiana Jones with real life archaeology located in our “backyard.”

Are you going to hook some of our awesome readers up with a chance to win some free tickets or what?

-      Absolutely! I’m happy to give out a family 4-pack of tickets to the Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology Exhibition.

You can be damned sure BGBE will be there on Opening Night getting all the coverage you could possibly want. Also, you heard it from Dan, we’re going be giving away a pack of tickets to one of our awesome readers. Details in a week or so…stay tuned!!

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