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Just over a week ago Marvel released this year’s mega hit Iron Man 3 on DVD & Blu-Ray. Alongside the release is the awesome JARVIS app for iOS that adds the second screen experience and among other things, allows viewers to unlock all 42 of Tony Stark’s suits seen in the films. As befitting a Marvel release, should you find all 13 fragments of data a special bonus feature from Comic Con 2013 is unlocked directly on your device.

Surprisingly upon my investigation to the internet, I was not able to find a comprehensive list or guide to unlocking all 13 of these special codes on the disc. So as a service to you, our BGBE audience, we have taken the liberty of creating this guide so you too can unlock all the suits and see the special Avengers: Age of Ultron bonus feature.

First you will need a copy of Iron Man 3 on Blu-Ray, a BD-Live enabled Blu-Ray player connected to the internet, and an iOS device with the JARVIS app downloaded. After all that, go to the main menu.

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Note: while Blu-Ray allows you to utilize the “pop-up” menu at anytime during playback of the movie, you will not be able to access the codes unless you are on the main menu screen. 

At the main menu just left of the “Play Movie” button there will be an icon to activate an intro from JARVIS himself who explains how to unlock the suits and gives you the first code free. This first code will get you started with Mark I – VII seen in Iron Man, Iron Man 2 and the Avengers.

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If you forget how many of the suits you have unlocked, you can go back to this icon to highlight C:\> DIR and recap which suits you have activated. The missing suits will be greyed out.

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When you find each of these codes you will need to enter the “Scan” mode in the Hall of Armor section of the JARVIS app. (it will be the icon with the Iron Man Helmet on the far right)

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Here is the full list of the locations for all 12 of the remaining codes:

  • Play the Marvel One Shot: Agent Carter bonus feature* Unlocks Mark VIII – Mark X 
  • Highlight the Sneak Peeks item on the main menu, then press up on your remote Unlocks Mark XI – Mark XIV
  • Play the Gag Reel* Unlocks Mark XV – Mark XVII 
  • Highlight the “Deconstructing the Scene” bonus feature and press right on your remote Unlocks Mark XVIII – Mark XX 
  • Click on Set Up and highlight “subtitles” then press left on your remote Unlocks Mark XXI – Mark XXIII 
  • Play the Iron Man 3 Unmasked bonus feature* Unlocks Mark XXIV – Mark XXVI
  • Click on Extended & Deleted Scenes and scroll over to the deleted scene titled “Hey is that Thor?” then press right Unlocks Mark XXVII – Mark XXIX 
  • Click on Scene Selection and navigate to the scene titled “Tony Hacks AIM” then press up Unlocks Mark XXX – Mark XXXII 
  • Play the movie itself* Unlocks Mark XXXIII – Mark XXXV
  • Click on languages and highlight Espanol (Spanish) then press right Unlocks Mark XXXVI – Mark XXXVIII 
  • Click on subtitles and highlight Francais (French) then press right Unlocks Mark XXXIX – Mark XL
  • Click on Audio Commentary and highlight the option “on” then press up Unlocks Mark XLI – Mark XLII

* = IMPORTANT NOTE: you do not need to actually watch the entire video to unlock the code. Simply navigate the main menu to play the item, then after starting the video return to the main menu to receive your code. You also do not need to unlock or scan the codes in any particular order.

After successfully scanning all of the codes in the app, you will uncover a folder marked “CLASSIFIED” that will open a short video showcasing the Avengers 2 announcement at Comic Con 2013 and the reveal of Ultron as the main villain.

Jarvis How To prize

While the video is nice, a closer look at all of the Armor is the real showcase here. Hopefully this helps save you a lot of time! Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below.


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